July Review


I have been reading a loooot of series recently! I really love being taken into another world, so the longer I get to stay, the better ha! I finished three books in July, so here’s a wee review on each.


War Storm ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have enjoyed most of the Red Queen series. King’s Cage I found a little frustrating, but still enjoyed the storyline. War Storm however, was pretty bloody brilliant. ALL THE FEELS, GUYS. I love the characters (um, Cal, marry me?) and I love their powers! I’m glad everything wasn’t a ‘happy ever after’, but still really wanted Cal & Mare to er… live happily ever after… eep!


Warcross ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! The only reason it doesn’t have five stars is because I expected a few of the storylines. But I love the whole idea of the games and the descriptions of it all. I had a lot of sticky tabs in that bad boy 😂. Emika is possibly the coolest person ever – and Hideo Is wonderfully twisted. I can’t wait for Wildcard!


The Raven Boys ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sweet baby moses. This. Book. SO many people have told me to read this series. I am so glad I finally listened! I really think this is going to be an all time favourite. THOSE RAVEN BOYS. Can I have my own, please? Gansey is spectacular. Maggie’s writing is exquisite – her descriptions so effortlessly wonderful. Blue is also one little badass! An awesome female protagonist.

I’m currently reading The Dream Thieves, which is also brilliant. I can’t wait to follow their search for Glendower to the end 🤗.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Based on my love for these, what else would you recommend?

Goodnight, bookworms 🖤



oH MY GAHHHDDD I had the best time at YALC this weekend! I went with an ‘buying allllll the books’ emergency budget… and actually only spent half! I think my haul came in around £75. I actually took Eve of Man, To Kill A Kingdom and Children of Blood and Bone with me from home, as I was able to get them signed on the day. YES. I MET TOMI. I MET TOM & GI. I MET ALEXANDRA.

Most importantly though… I met my bookbae Alecs <3. I met so many bookstagram friends! If you’d have said to me a few months ago that I would be driving myself to London at 4am, on my own, to meet up with a hoard of people I’d met on the internet… I’d have laughed yo hass right out the door. Bookstagram has brought so many wonderful things to my life (and made me hella poor) and I’ve only been in the gang a few months!


There were some fantastic bargains – 3 paperbacks for £10… 2 hardbacks for £12. GIVE THEM ALL TO ME. There were also billions of samplers and ARCs, a tonne of candles and other beautiful bookish merch. I’m not huge on crazy merch… unless it’s useful (candles, book sleeves etc)… I probably won’t buy it, despite how beautiful it is.

It was an incredibly long day. Next year I will TOTALLY go again, but Alecs and I have said we’ll make a weekend of it :). I can’t wait!

Did you go to YALC this year? Have you been before? Tell me your best bits!

I’m keeping this short and sweet for my first post. It’s late and I just spent way too long making this blog actually work HA! I promise the rest will be more exciting. I also promise for better koala-tea photos. Soz babes.